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Big Changes for

Colorado Knife Sharpening

After 4 decades in the cutlery industry and 7.5 decades in life, it’s time to slow down.

While we still love what we do and care about our customers and their knives, CKS will no longer provide at-your-door service or service at outside venues. CKS will now focus exclusively on mail order service.

Effective April 2022, CKS will PROVIDE all shipping by UPS or FedEx so that your knives won't be away any longer than necessary.

Orders will be return-shipped within 24-hours of receipt, weekends and holidays excluded.

Our Custom Shipping Box

Over the many years we have offered mail-order, we have had numerous packages of knives arrive with blades eagerly extending through the box. Our custom reusable shipping box will be sent to you pre-paid to prevent injury to your knives, shipping handlers, or us.

Included in the box:

  • Custom foam insert which fully protects your knives

  • Packing and shipping instructions

  • Pre-paid shipping label

  • Tape to seal the box

When our box arrives at your door:

  • Place your knives in the box

  • Apply the pre-paid shipping label

  • Seal the box

  • Drop off at local UPS/FedEx facility

With over 40 years in the cutlery industry, Colorado Knife Sharpening brings our mobile shop to your community, providing expert knife service and blade repair.

We HAND-SHARPEN (and Repair)

  • Kitchen Cutlery

  • ​Serrated Knives

  • Household / Kitchen Shears

  • General Use and Pocket Knives

We correct edge & blade geometry – so your knives will work as designed.

We teach blade & edge maintenance – so your sharpening will last and last.


"You take care of the cooking, we'll take care of your knives!"

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