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Learn from our Customers about their experiences:


This is the premier knife sharpener in the Colorado Springs area. Robert is fantastic. Bends over backwards to make sure the customer is happy. His work is great. Now I just need to be careful I don't crop my fingers off with the super sharp knifes. If you need your knives sharpened he should be your guy. Honest.....accommodating...fantastic work and just a good guy. What more could you ask for? Oh and Covid safe.

Steve H., Monument, CO



Great service and great price. Enough said.

Jeff C., Colorado Springs, CO



I met Bob at a farmers market in the South Denver area, but this was the first time I used the mail sharpening services. I was extremely impressed. It was both expedient and speedy! The knives were returned to me within two days, and were extremely sharp. I would highly recommend Bob for his knife sharpening skills and professionalism.

Vic E., Englewood, CO



Took 4 kitchen knives to Bob's mobile truck today at the Highland's Farmers Market. It took him about 30 minutes to get them sharper than they have ever been. His work is priced incredibly fairly and he was good enough to spend 5 minutes giving my wife and me a tutorial on keeping them sharp during daily use. Stop by and see him whenever he's in your neighborhood!

Drew J., Denver, CO



I took 4 knives to Bob to get sharpened when his truck was parked at the Lakewood farmer's market. I cook a LOT and I am very protective of my knives - they're like my babies! I was hesitant because the last time I took them to get sharpened at a local Sur La Table, I don't think they did a good job at all. But my knives were so dull they were unusable, so I took a "chance" on Bob and I'm SO FREAKING HAPPY I did. My knives are razor sharp! I will never take them anywhere else again.

Erin G., Washington, DC



I like using Bob for my chef's knives when I see him at the local farmer's market on Sundays in the Highlands. He is super friendly with fair prices and fast service. Thanks Bob.

Erin P., Denver, CO



Bob did a great job. Brought several kitchen knives, two pocket knives, an axe and a hatchet. Ended up having a great conversation as he worked and probably waited about 10 minutes. Very fair price and an impressive setup of sharpening equipment.

Cole L., Littleton, CO



Excellent service, communicated well about the pick up and drop off times. Knives returned very sharp with no issues. I will defiantly use them again.

Joanna J., Colorado Springs, CO



We were thinking of sending our knifes back to shun for sharpening, however, we continued to delay as we cook and use our knifes  daily.  We happened to see Bob's mobile unit at the highlands farmers market.  His prices were reasonable and he provided a quick turn around (4 knifes  in 5 minutes).  Bob was very informative and gave me a speed course on sharpening.  Before you send in your knifes , make sure to reach out to Colorado Knife.

Matthew P., Denver, CO



Great service  recommend for all your knifes. Very nice helpful employees.I  would use them again.

Judy G., Colorado Springs, CO



Great service - great price, and how convenient - there he is, right at our favorite Farmers Market!!!  We'll be back!

Susan V., Colorado Springs, CO



My knives are like new!! I'm so glad I finally remembered to bring my knives to the farmers market. They are in wonderful condition, and the service was fast, friendly, and reasonably priced. I highly recommend this service!

Sarah M., Denver, CO



Went to opening day at the Highlands Square farmers market for the specific purpose of getting my knives sharpened, and I'm so glad I did. Service was quick and friendly even though he was extremely busy. Got home and the knives were sharper than when I bought them. Great price for great work!

K. M., Denver, CO



Awesome service and super fast! My knife can cut paper now! Highly recommend this place.

Tasha V., Westminster, CO



Bob is at the West Highlands farmer's market every summer.  I have been taking my knives to him for the past two years and I couldn't be more happy with the service.  He does a superior job sharpening all my different knives and on top of that, he's an incredibly kind person.

Matt C., Denver, CO

A sharp knife is a safe knife.

Thanks to Bob, I can use a 50-year-old cleaver that was being used as a kitchen decoration! Bob also put beautiful edges on all of my other kitchen blades. I don't care where Colorado Knife Sharpening is on any given day, if my knives are dull, I'll seek them out! A sharp knife is a safe knife. Thank you, Bob Nagode

- Alex, Denver

Aims to Please

He does great work and has a friendly personality - always aiming to please!

- Debbie, Denver CO

Awesome Service!

Bob was great to work with - so knowledgeable and helpful! Used the newly sharpened knives today, and they seemed brand new! Awesome service and great guy too! Thanks Bob!!

- Chad, Denver CO


Sharp and Quick

I cleaned out my knife drawer because I was tired of having a bunch of knives and none of them were sharp. I saw the truck at the farmers market and thought I would come back and bring all my knifes. They are so sharp and it was quick. Don't wait as long as I did.

Thank you - Anna Marie, Denver, CO


Just What the Doctor Ordered

Thank you for the excellent job you did sharpening the Spiderco knife. I've really enjoyed using it since it was sharpened!

​- Marcus, Canon City CO


Quick and fun to use!

CKS was quick and fun to use. I had 4 large knives that I had been unable to sharpen well on my own, one even had a bent tip. Within minutes they were returned to me better than new and very, very sharp. Thank you!

– Beverly, Lakewood CO

Sharper than ever!

Bob took my kitchen knives that hadn't been sharpened since they were purchased six years ago and made them sharper than ever! His customer service is unbeatable, too. I'd missed him at market one weekend, so he called me the following Friday evening just to let me know he was going to be at the Market the next morning in case we were able to make it. We did go, and after sharpening our knives, he also instructed us on how to use a sharpening steel properly. Very knowledgeable. Reasonable prices, too! I can't recommend him enough!

Razor Sharp!

RAZOR SHARP! Bob does a fantastic job! My knives are preforming the best they ever have! He even repaired a broken tip that has been missing on my paring knife! It is like having brand new knives, and just in time for my holiday preps! So glad he has come to the Farmer's Market! Thanks BOB!


Master Sharpener

You only have to watch Bob hand-hone a knife to see he knows what he's doing! My knives have never been so truly sharp!

Better than when I bought them!

My knives are sharper after having Bob sharpening them than when I bought them! Bob did a fabulous job with my knives and I enjoy cooking in my kitchen so much more now. It was well worth the trip! This is something I will definitely be doing again. Thanks Bob!

Fast and Efficient

We've taken several knives to Bob at the MidTown Market and each time are amazed at how sharp he can make them-- we've learned to bring something to put them because they'll cut right through our eco-grocery bags;) He's fast, he's efficient and he'll not sell you anything that you don't need!

Cheap to Treasure

I dropped off abut 10 knives to Bob at the Midtown Farmer's Market one Saturday morning. He had them finished in less than an hour. He turned even the cheapest of knives into something usable. I highly recommend having Bob work on your dull knives before you decide to purchase a new one.

Very Convenient!

I had my knives sharpened at the Farmer's Market @ Rice U...very convienent. The service was great. I must agree with others..I believe my knives are sharper now than when I bought them. TIP: a dull knife is more dangerous than a sharp one

Professional service and expertise!

Thank you so much Bob, for going out of your way to sharpen our kitchen knives and teach us the proper way to handle and care for them. As we add to our collection, we will be sure to use your services for all our sharpening needs. Fantastic and professional service and expertise!

Even better results.

Fantastic service, and even better results. I think my knives are in better shape now than when I bought them. Thanks Bob!

Sharpened to Perfection

I took several knives to Bob for sharpening and repair. My chef's knife had a slight bend at the tip, as did my paring knife and one of my knives had some very small dings and chips in the blade. He sharpened the knives to perfection; in fact, I can't believe how uniformly sharp the blades are. And the tip restorations were perfectly done and the knife with the dings/chips was reparied perfectly. This was my 1st time using Bob but I won't be going anywhere else from now on. Thanks Bob! 

Certain to go back

I was incredibly pleased with Bob's work on my knives. I brought two in with broken tips which he promptly restored and sharpened. He even instructed me on how to use a steel. I would certainly go back and recomend his services to others.

Brand new again

Thank you Bob, for the outstanding sharpening job! My knives feel brand new again, and I will be back to visit you as soon as they need to be resharpened.


Outstanding job!

Bob was very easy to work with and did a great job. I just have never been able to sharpen knives very well, but Bob did it very fast and did an outstanding job!


Very prompt and friendly.

Bob did a great job sharpening all my knives. Very prompt and friendly service.


Quality work

Bob was so nice and did fast, quality work on my knives! Turned them in at the Farmer's Market and he sharpened them while I shopped. Will definitely be back when I need my knives sharpened again!


A real craftsman

Bob sharpened six knives (including a serrated bread knife) for me over a year ago. I'll be taking them back soon for a repeat performance. Don't take your knives to some kitchen store for sharpening, where they'll just run them through a machine. Bob is a real craftsman.


Very very sharp

We took 9 knives to the Midtown location this past weekend. Very friendly and informative service and the knives were returned quickly and very very sharp. We'll be back when we dull them up if we can't remember the sharpening tips given to us while we were there.

Honing steel education

Bob did such an amazing job on my knives at the Midtown Farmer's Market, and even showed me how to use my honing steel to keep them sharp and beautiful! Even the really horrible old cheap knife I brought in is sharper than it's ever been. Thanks, Bob!

Great customer service

I sent eight knives to Bob and I received them promptly, well packaged and sharper than they ever were even when they were new! But, the best of my experience was the customer service! I was educated and informed about knives as never before! I will tell everyone I know and will be a future customer for as long as I own knives! There is nothing like experience, reliability, and service! Great job!!! 

Definitely be back

I took 10 knives to Bob at the Farmers Market. All were very dull and one had multiple significant chips. They all look great now and are very sharp. It only took around 20 minutes and that was probably much longer than normal but I had a couple that needed to be repaired and 3 serrated knives which take longer. I will definitely be back!

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