Service at Your Door

  • CAN’T find time to get your knives sharpened?

  • HATE drop off or mail services that keep your knives for days or weeks?

  • DON’T TRUST stores who use untrained employees to “sharpen” your knives using equipment that does more damage than good?

  • DID YOU EVER get your knives back from one of these types of services and they didn’t cut well?


We come to your home or office to sharpen & repair your knives.

Now there is a quality service that works for you. No more driving around town-dropping off your knives-then returning later to pick them up.


Generally, if you are within 20 miles of Colorado Springs or Pueblo, we will bring our mobile service van to your home or office and service your knives on the spot. Service calls outside this area may incur mileage charges. Call for information or to schedule: 800-672-4998



  • Minimum Service Fee (which includes the first 7 knives) is $59.00     

  • Additional knives over 7, please add $5.00 each

  • For serrated-edge knives add $5.00 each

  • For kitchen shears and household scissors add $12.00 each. We do not sharpen hair cutting shears or pinking shears.


Please call to schedule an appointment: 800-672-4998



Broken tips are $2.00 - $6.00

Bolster repair is $6.00 - $9.00

Chips/nicks are $2.00 - $6.00


Note: Small tip or nick damage is usually repaired as a part of the sharpening at no extra cost. We only charge the repair fees if we have to remove significant metal or reshape the blade.



For the safety of BOTH OF US, you will be required to bring your knives out to our service van and to pick them up when they are done.